Estelle is 6 Months!

I. LOVE. Lifestyle sessions! There is something positively awesome about being able to capture families in their own environments. Add in the fun of playing around with different lighting in different rooms, finding colors and patterns to incorporate.
Little Estelle turned 6 months, so we decided with this dreary weather, to capture her 6 month pictures at her home. I just love how her mama had her room decorated. The gorgeous neutral colors were such a fun pop in the room and can we talk about the amazing window lighting? Of course , Estelle was ALL smiles, and had no problem showing off her awesome sitting skills .





Arya {Winter Wonderland Smash and Bath!}

You guys. I could NOT believe it when this little peanut came in for her 1 year session. This year has FLOWN by it seems. This sweet girl has grown and changed SOOO much from a preemie recovering from open heart surgery when she first came to me for her newborn session, and now an adorable giggly toddler who was ALL about the splashing ;). Happy birthday sweet baby girl!


World, Meet Blake! {1 Month New!}


Welcome to the world Blake! This little guy was in and out of the hospital his first month so I was on pins and needles to get to meet the little guy when he was finally ready to come for his session. He was the sweetest little guy . Awake half the session and flaunted his big gorgeous eyes…. the other half of the session he slept like…well…a baby 😉 Welcome to the world Blake!


Happy First Birthday Arya!

Arya wasn’t quite sure about cake, but boy did she LOVE bath time!

Welcome to the world Verity ! {14 Days New}

Can we just talk for a minute about this sweet girl’s GORGEOUS dark hair or snuggly , cuddly rolls ? I could’ve snuggled her forever. (but I didn’t…her mama needed her back 😉 ) I’ve been friends with her mama for over 2 decades! If that doesn’t make me feel old, I don’t know what would. We grew up watching Lord of the Rings together, playing with dolls, climbing trees, and picking on our siblings. And it’s been SO fun capturing her beautiful growing family through the years. I can’t wait to see this sweet baby girl as she grows . I know she’ll be without a doubt, just as gorgeous as her big sister!


Welcome Sophia!{2 Weeks New}

It’s been far too long since I have updated my website. But for my first baby of 2021, I had to get this gorgeous girl up! She rocked her session and even awarded me with some smiles. Couldn’t ask for a more fun first session of 2021! Welcome to the world Sophia!


Welcome Graziella {10 Days New}

Such a sweet, teeny tiny baby girl! I had so much fun working with little Graziella and her family.


Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica

You guyssss. This session that occurred over the weekend was my dream shoot! That’s right all you Office fans. This little guy’s parents are big Office fans like me. When I found out they loved The Office… I proposed a set up that would show off sweet Gavin as if he were Dwight Schrute himself!

I hastily ordered a bobblehead , dundee, glasses, and other must needed supplies…including fresh beets from Walmart because…what’s a baby Dwight without good ol’ beets from Schrute farms? My amazing and talented husband made the desk.

Welcome to the world Aria!

Welcome to the world Graziella! {13 Hours New}

Ya’ll , could we just talk for a minute about this amazing baby burrito? Dad was a Baby-burrito-making-PRO!

Strawberry Lemonade … Livy is 9 months!

When Livy’s mama asked me if I could do a fruit bath, I was ALL. OVER. IT!  Babies LOVE baths and nothing gives more smiles or interaction during a session, than a fun fruit bath or bubble bath ;). Livy LOVED the strawberries…not so much the lemons 🙂  I offer fruit baths during sitter and milestone sessions, so be sure to ask for one if you think your little would enjoy this.

Welcome Ryker {Simply Newborn / Lifestyle Newborn session

I was completely in love with little Ryker’s nursery. His mama out-DID her self. Room was set in the perfect color schemes. Lots of adorable little pieces that just made the room perfection. He is one lucky guy.
Big brother just adores him and it was the sweetest thing watching him give baby brother kisses and loving while mom was cuddling baby.



Welcome baby Robert!

Robert decided to arrive just a wee bit sooner than was expected… almost 2 months to be exact. He came to the studio around his 8 week birthday. Big eyes, sweetest little personality…and very awake . haha! He did give me some sweet closed eye moments, but mostly just stared at me with those big gorgeous eyes.
So happy to have met Robert and his wonderful family. Welcome to the world little man!


Somebunny is ONE!

This sweet lady came back for her one year session! Couldn’t ask for a cuter smash theme.
Norah loved digging into the icing and liked her bath even more.
Happy birthday sweet girl! 



Welcome to the world Grant! {10 weeks new}


I usually stick with keeping my newborns between 1-3 weeks of age. But when a mama contacted me asking for newborn sessions for her 2 1/2 month old baby.. I could not say no! I got my studio prepped ready to meet this little mister…and lo and the room popped this beautiful baby boy with GORGEOUS brown hair. I was smitten immediately by his sweet smiles and long locks of hair.
He was AMAZING the entire session. Giving smiles on cue in his sleep and awake. Such a dream baby.
Happy 10 weeks little guy!

Meet Troy | 6 weeks new |

When Troy’s mama messaged me one day and inquired about a session for her sweet premature baby boy ,I knew I had to get her in!
I’ve been booked up for months but I can NEVER say no to another newborn.

I am sooo happy I had space to get this little guy in. He slept AMAZING for me and gave the world’s cutest smiles.
He is a little miracle baby and I was just so grateful that I could capture their beautiful rainbow baby for them.
Welcome to the world Troy! I know you will do great things.



Happy Birthday Silvia!


Gabriel- 15 days!

I know I have been horrible about updating my blog. I was just SO excited to post a gallery of pictures of the sweeeetest little baby boy named Gabriel.

The love his parents have for him is so obvious in the pictures with him. He is the sweetest little guy and slept SO amazingly for me. Welcome to the world sweet boy!